Samantha van der Westhuizen/ Tintinter

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

I was born in South Africa and lived there for 46years. I’m a qualified educator and got my degree in Early Childhood Development: Foundation Phase. My favourite part of the day was doing art with my learners. My only rule being, “There are no mistakes in art, only new avenues”. I’ve always had a love for creating, but never the time. My family and I moved to Portugal in January 2019. I now have the opportunity, and time, to take up my passion for creating. I find daily inspiration in our new surroundings. Some may say I’m a bit all over the place, and I suppose this is what keeps me inspired. It’s not in my character to sit still, and I find I’m most relaxed when I’m creating. I paint with acrylics on canvas, create mini village houses from recycable materials and upcycle furniture.


“Unconditional love” 60 x 70cm, acrylic with palette knife © Samantha van der Westhuizen/ Tintinter

I’m self-taught and inherently a detail person, and this usually comes through in my work, but I’m currently experimenting with using a palette knife. I enjoy the freedom that comes with this technique, as well as the texture, and it allows me to build layers. My medium is acrylics. I don’t have a definite subject matter that my work can be identified through. I tend to paint what I find inspiration in.


“Where dreams begin” 60 x 70cm, acrylic with palette knife © Samantha van der Westhuizen/ Tintinter

My work is an expression of what I see and feel from my environment. I love using colour and the expression that comes with this. I find that there is so much going on around us that dampens one’s spirit that we tend to forget about the beauty in the small things around us. Colour expresses our emotions. My work is an extension of my emotions.


“Always changing, never the same ” 60 x 90cm, acrylic with palette knife © Samantha van der Westhuizen/ Tintinter

Samantha works from home, but can be contacted for viewings or purchases. She is open for commissions.

Contact Information


Phone: +351 911 919 247

Facebook Page: samantha.vanderwesthuizen.336

Instagram: svdwtintinter

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slide show.