Osmond K Mairs

Since his early childhood, Osmond took the paintbrush in his hands and portrayed scenes from travels with his parents, and always designed his own Christmas and Greetings cards. His ambition from a very early age was to paint or to enter the theatre as a profession.

After his education in Ireland, England and France, and after being accepted by the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Art College in London; he decided to pursue art as a career, having been strongly influenced by the abstract and surrealist painters.

“What one sees in reality can be transformed, by using various shades and tones of colour, into shapes and forms, without losing the identity of the original.”

After studying Fine Art and Jewellery design at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, he decided to take his diploma in teaching. After a few years teaching Art and French, he was asked to join the design team at Nestlé in Switzerland, and subsequently designed for them in Munich and Mexico City.


‘Jardin Majorelle Marakesch’ © Osmond K Mairs

Eventually, Osmond and his childhood friend Carlos Pinheiro, also a graduate of Art College, decided to form their own company, producing Greetings and Christmas cards. The first selections were hand-painted, and they were commissioned to produce them for Asprey in London. The business expanded into a much wider field of designing and producing hand-made items, mainly in the stationery field for the top end of the market.

Together they also designed and produced articles for film and television productions, and at the same time received commissions worldwide for one-off designs.

During his business enterprise career, Osmond continued to paint and exhibit widely. His travels in business throughout the world brought him ideas for paintings, mainly influenced by colour, conversations and the Bible.

Dreams are a very important factor for him, as he describes them as actual reality, and can be so different in colour and form, from the actual visual scene.


‘Wedding In Rarotonga’ © Osmond K Mairs

Since his arrival in the Algarve, he has studied the light and shade of early morning and evening, and the changing shades of colour in the countryside, according to the seasons.

“It is not easy to convey to people, and to try and make them understand, that an object or scene can be portrayed in a completely different form and colour from what the eye sees.”

He has exhibited widely in Europe and United States, and many of his paintings can be found in Embassies, boardrooms of business enterprises , hospitals and private collections.

During his career, and following in the benevolent footsteps of both his parents, Osmond has supported numerous Charities and Foundations including Childline, the National Eczema Society, the Institute for Cancer Research, Dr. Barnardos, St. John Ambulance Brigade, and the Royal Marsden Hospital; donating a generous portion of his revenue over the years to the above associations.

He describes his hobby outside designing and painting as people.


‘Monchique From The Convent’ © Osmond K Mairs

His work can be viewed, and is available for sale, through his Galeria Osmar art gallery in Monchique.

The Gallery is run by Osmond K Mairs and Mark Jackson.

They offer a 10% Discount to members of the Algarve Society of Artists on all purchases.

Contact Information

Galeria Osmar, Rua Porto Fundo 40, Monchique, Algarve.

(just off the main square, go up the street with the steps leading to the parish church and the gallery is on your left)

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm or by appointment.

Email: hameau11@gmail.com

Phone: (+351) 964 797 575

Phone: (+353) (Ireland) 864 177 177 or (+353) (Ireland) 831 982 249

Facebook Page: Osmond mairs artist

You can view more images of his work via the gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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