Lesley Goldie

Medium: Acrylics and Oils on Canvas

Lesley studied graphic design at Bournemouth art college in the UK. She worked as an art director in the design and advertising industry and as a freelance designer before becoming a lecturer in visual communication.

She was recently invited to become a mentor for the online course “in the studio: postwar abstract painting”, run by MoMA and hosted by coursera.

“voice 1. mixed media on OSB” © Lesley Goldie

Happy to work on figurative pieces, Lesley finds working on abstract paintings more fulfilling as this allows her the freedom to express herself.

Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, especially the philosophical approach of colorfield painters, Lesley explores themes such as the passage of time,  and questions our assumptions and preconceptions or reflects on loss, conveying fleeting and intangible emotions.

Lesley is also developing a series of short run, hand tinted relief prints.

“indifference. mixed media on old floor tiles” © Lesley Goldie

Lesley is currently showing a series of abstract art paintings at the Lady in Red Art Gallery, Lagoa.

She also has a number of smaller relief prints displayed at the same gallery.

“reflection 10. acrylic on canvas” © Lesley Goldie

Lesley’s work is available to purchase but commissions are not undertaken.

You can contact Lesley for more information and prices through her website, E-mail or directly by phone.

Contact Information

Website: lesart61.wixsite.com

Email: lesart61@gmail.com

Facebook: Lesley Goldie

Instagram: goldie_lesley

Phone: (+351) 93 410 0519


Studio tour

Have a look into Lesley’s studio here:

Stepping into the workshop, you can see lots of different projects at various stages. My husband enjoys renovating and restoring things as well as making use of reclaimed items found at the bins. A couple of antique bikes, a foot operated wood turning lathe, a ‘louçeiro’ rescued from a house clearance.
Going upstairs the first area is where I sit and read or research a project, away from any paint flying around. Although currently my painting space is occupied by a couple of deckchairs as we’re spending even more time than usual here and need a place to sit and relax!
The open aspect feels calm with plenty of light. Again, nearly all the objects are reclaimed or home made, apart from the solar generator used for lighting and power tools.


You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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