Kateryna Ilchuk

Medium: Acrylics or Oils on canvas

“There is a unique charm in Portuguese cityscapes. I travel the country and capture some of them, painting them later on canvas with acrylics or oil. Inspired by the classical school of realism, I have shifted my work towards photo-realism these days.

Fascinating colors. Ferragudo

‘Fascinating colors. Ferragudo’ © Kateryna Ilchuk

Tiny streets with traditional architecture, pavements and streetlights form a new line of my current artwork. My aim is transmitting the tranquility, as if time had stopped, by emphasising light and shadows. I believe that particular places have a spiritual energy of serenity, which can be reflected in paintings.”

Cozy afternoon. Albufeira

‘Cozy afternoon. Albufeira’ © Kateryna Ilchuk

Please contact Kateryna for more information about collaboration and private commissions.

Steady flow. Lisbon

‘Steady flow. Lisbon’ © Kateryna Ilchuk

Contact Information

Website: www.katerynailchuk.art

Email: katerynailchuk.art@gmail.com

Phone: (+351) 968 766 728

Facebook Page: katerynailchuk.art

Instagram: katerynailchuk.art

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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