Joke van der Steen

Medium: Oils or Acrylics on canvas

“I was born in the Netherlands in 1956 and I started painting when I was 45. My profession was a documentalist. I was a part-time student at the “Centrum voor de Kunsten” (that is an institute of art in the Netherlands).

Over the years I had several exhibitions in the Netherlands both solo as well as in a group. In 2013 I moved to live in the Algarve and became resident here. I have exhibited my paintings in the Algarve each year since then. My latest was a solo exhibition in September 2017 in the Galeria Municipal in São Brás de Alportel.

nr 52 Melting Ice

nr 52 ‘Melting Ice’ © Joke van der Steen

I started painting in a realistic style, but afterwards I found myself developing a more abstract style of painting. I only paint what I have a feeling with. I cover a broad range of styles and subjects in my paintings, and I make up my own designs, so that every painting is unique.”

Couple in Fantasy 70x80

nr 80 ‘Couple in Fantasy © Joke van der Steen

You can find  details of Joke’s upcoming exhibitions on her website.

Since 2014 Joke has been a member of the artist group ArtwaysArt.

nr 81 Woman in pond

nr 81 ‘Woman in Pond’ © Joke van der Steen

Joke’s work is for sale. You will find that every painting on her website is numbered and you can contact her direct if you wish to purchase a painting.

Joke is also available for private commissions, and she works on the basis of a picture being commissioned on a ‘no cure no pay’ agreement. If the result is not what the ordering party expected however, the painting will remain in the ownership of the artist.

Contact Information



Phone: (+351) 962 279 538

Facebook Page: deartist.Joke.van.der.Steen

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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