Jean Davis

Medium : Acrylic, encaustic wax & shellac, inks.

“Everything I have done through my life has been with a creative flair in design, I am happiest when I’m creating something, from the early days of when my mum taught me how to sew and make my own clothes which led to supplying major outlets in London & abroad with my designs and manufacturing baby wear through my own company.

In 1980 I attended a college and made fine jewellery in silver & gold, but more for my own pleasure than being a commercial venture.

In 1982 was one of the first ladies to introduce gel nail extensions into the UK by manufacturing my own patented equipment, supplying and teaching my techniques in colleges and beauty schools which I did for 18 years before moving to the Algarve; when I became involved with my art, painting and also making decorative floral & crystal chandeliers. You can see my work on – chandeliersofdistinction


Original Art © Jean Davis

In 2005 we bought a six-berth cabin cruiser moored in Praia de Rocha where I spent a lot of my time sketching and painting on the back of our boat for four years. With the help of my architect, I then designed my new house which I had built & moved into in 2013 where I am lucky enough to have my own art studio.


Original Art © Jean Davis

I am a self-taught artist. Living in Silves in the Algarve for sixteen years enjoying the time to promote my artistic desires, always having been involved with the flair of creative design. I use a wide variety of mediums such as ink, acrylics, encaustic wax and shellac. I love to think of putting an abstract splash of colour on the wall, that is uplifting to the soul with complimentary colours and intriguing designs.”


Original Art © Jean Davis

Jean is available for private commissions; and feels that giving the client what they are looking for in terms of choosing the right colours and sizes is much more pleasing.

Contact Information


Phone: (+351) 91 677 1496 and 282 332 388

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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