Jan Rowe

Medium: Acrylics

“I’m from Liverpool originally but I’ve lived in Portugal for almost six years in an old Portuguese farmhouse set in several acres of peaceful countryside in the Alentejo, a few kilometres north of Monchique.

In my previous life I was a professional Librarian working in various sectors including schools and, more recently, the N.H. S. I left work early when my husband Chris took early retirement and we decided to leave the U.K. and see what Portugal had to offer. We’ve settled in Portugal and can’t imagine living anywhere else.


Original Painting © Jan Rowe

My preferred subjects are flowers and in particular, peonies, and I’ve painted a few large-scale canvasses featuring these lovely, voluptuous blooms. However I’m currently working on paintings of Agapanthus blooms (African Lilies) and enjoying the depth of colour they demand and the different challenges they present.

I work in acrylics and watercolours. I began with watercolours simply because I found a local watercolour artist who was willing to give me a few lessons and it seemed like a good place to start. Learning to paint with watercolours provided an excellent grounding and helped me learn how to portray the delicacy and transparency of flowers and leaves. Acrylics on the other hand, enable me to paint on a much larger and bolder scale, which I relish.

Original Painting © Jan Rowe

Original Painting © Jan Rowe

I’m currently painting mainly using acrylics as they give me lots of technical advantages but applying some of those watercolour techniques I learned early on in order to emphasise the fragility of my flower subjects, and the vibrancy of their colours. I’m finding that the combination of the two is really effective and pleasing.

My urge is to paint bigger and larger images – I’ve just bought myself a door-sized canvas and am currently trying to work out the logistics of keeping it on my easel while I paint on it! It’s proving to be quite a challenge and I think I may need a bigger studio!”

Some of Jan’s work will be on display at Pastelaria Arade, Largo 1 de Dezembro 4, in Portimão 8500-538, from July 4th until August 14th (closed on Mondays) where she is holding a solo exhibition and sale of her work.

Click here to visit the venue’s Facebook Page for more information and directions.

Original Painting © Jan Rowe

Original Painting © Jan Rowe

Please contact Jan if you are interested in any of the pieces featured on this page, or if you are interested in viewing more of her work.  She is also happy to discuss commissions.

Contact Information

E-mail: jan.p.rowe2@gmail.com

Phone: (+351) 283 881 300

You can view more of Jan’s work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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