Ines Dourado

Medium: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours

“My name is Inês Dourado, I was born in Ferreira do Alentejo (south of Portugal) and now I live in Alvor. I’m a painter (about 30 years), illustrator and art historian. I already teach painting and Portuguese language for foreigners in private classes in my atelier in Lisbon. And now I’ll start to teach painting and Portuguese language for foreigners in Alvor.

I’m a graduate in Art History with a Masters in History of Contemporary Art from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Lisbon, where I also completed a Philosophy degree for 3 years. At present I am completing my research for a PhD in History of Contemporary Art. I also attended the National Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon (SNBA), the School of Art and Crafts of Lisbon and the School of Art and Crafts of Loures (Lisbon’s surroundings). In this last school I had as “guide”, an extraordinary master named Castro Infante, naval engineer, poet and painter, with whom I really learned almost everything about painting and drawing.

“Lagos”, Algarve,Portugal, 2016 © Inês Dourado

“Lagos”, Algarve,Portugal, 2016 © Inês Dourado

As a painter, I have made solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, Spain and Argentina. I’m represented in various national collections (some official and several private collections from various parts of the Portugal) and international private collections: in Germany (Munich, Dusseldorf), in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga); in Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich); in France (Paris and Bordeaux); in Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Olinda); in China (Macau); and in Australia (Melbourne).

I’m an illustrator of children books as well and this year I also started the illustration of labels for bottles of Portuguese wine for export.

“Pink Street”, Cais do Sodré,Lisbon, Portugal, 2018 © Inés Dourado

“Pink Street”, Cais do Sodré,Lisbon, Portugal, 2018 © Inés Dourado

One day a French painter called me “la peintre du soleil” (the painter of the sun), because, he said, “You never paint rainy days. Your paintings are very colourful and full of light. They have life and transmit joy to live”.

I’m not sure how I can classify the style of my painting. Perhaps a mix of realism and dreams. But the tendency is in fact to paint the real, but a real without degradation and with light. Maybe I’m a simple person that is well with life. But I just paint things as I see them, how I feel them, and how I like them to be. That’s why I paint things as if they were always new. An example of this are the white walls of the houses of my urban landscapes: most of the time I paint them without any mark of degradation.

My “saudoso” (Portuguese word derived from “saudade”) master, my “guide”, defined my painting like this: «In Inês Dourado paintings there is the poetry of the round of cities and the days filled with light and shadow. The shadows sing the row of houses in a soft caress. Beautiful are the things where the hands of the painter touch in search of her truth. I hope that this truth doesn’t escape you ».  For me, my paintings are my ‘real dream’. When I paint real things, I paint with passion and I dream awake.

“The Portuguese Tiles Tram - Bica Street, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018 © Inés Dourado

“The Portuguese Tiles Tram – Bica Street, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018 © Inés Dourado

You can buy Inês’ work through her official website page in the Artmajeur group; and through her Facebook links (send her a private message)

She is available for private commissions; but does not paint portraits; only natural and urban landscapes, still-life, birds, flowers, quotidian and symbolic scenes.

Painting classes for beginners and Portuguese language for foreigners.

Her atelier is in Rua do Paço, nº 31, Alvor

The classes are:

From Monday to Thursday

You can choose your schedule:

10h30m – 13h

14h30m – 17h

18h00m – 20h30m

Price: 30€ for registration.

Each class is 2h30m, and costs 10€ per hour.

Contact Inês for more information or to book.

Contact Information


E-mail:  or

Phone: (+351) 960 147 804

Facebook Page: and

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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