Frans Bresser

Medium: Acrylics

“I was born in 1950 in Amsterdam / Holland. I studied at the Pedagogical Academy and after my study I worked as a teacher in primary schools in several towns in Holland.

I am married and we have two sons, a daughter and one granddaughter. After my retirement in 2013 we visited the Algarve in winter. Since 2016 we have our own apartment in Arrifana where we live for a great part of the year.

During my student days, but also as a teacher, I have always painted. I have had lessons from various local artists.

'Sea in the cave / Three fishing vessels / Pride' © Frans Bresser

‘Sea in the cave / Three fishing vessels / Pride’ © Frans Bresser

I use acrylic paint for my paintings and sometimes I use other materials such as paper or textile to create for instance more relief. I also use paint with special effects and glitters.

'The Meeting' © Frans Bresser

‘The Meeting’ © Frans Bresser

There are many topics that inspire me: landscapes, the sea, but also people who dance, practice a sport or make music. I also use existing art objects such as statues as a starting point for a painting. Depending on the subject, I sometimes work impressionistically or more detailed. I usually work figuratively but every now and then I like to make something abstract.”

'Surfing Portugal' © Frans Bresser

‘Surfing Portugal’ © Frans Bresser

If you are interested in any of Frans’ paintings you can make an appointment by e-mail to view his work.

Contact Information

Website: Coming Soon …


Phone: (+351) 969 611 169 (PT) or (+31) 617 877 746 (Holland)

Facebook: Frans.bresser.12

You can view more of his work via his gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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