Ben Helmink

Medium: Oils, Acrylics, Aquarelle and Inks

How I became the Dutch painter of the Alentejo …

“I was born in 1950 in Holland. As a child I was aware that creative expression opens new worlds. The small Dutch village near the river IJssel in Gelderland was a limited world as I discovered, during the trips with my Dad to Amsterdam … where I thought: “Here I would like to live”.

In Amsterdam I was then studying, working, and could be creative … besides my job as teacher in Amsterdam, I studied at the Rietvelt Academy and practiced Museum Education. Being an Artist was a dream … too exclusive for Amsterdam … so after travelling in Italy, France, the US and South Africa, I discovered Portugal, especially the Alentejo … where time stood still … my creative inspiration became a push … surrounded by space, nature, and real people, who  are interested in the art of the Dutch painter in the Alentejo … Lucky me !

Alentejan Landscape with corkoak - acryl, sand and stones on canvas - 100 x 80 cm

‘Alentejan Landscape with corkoak’ © Ben Helmink

Living near the Lake of Santa Clara since 2006 with my wife Rian, we have our own studio in the middle of everything … Monte das Moradias is the name of the studio where my brushes and pencils are working on a high speed level.

The main theme of my work is the Alentejo, besides the Ancient world of Architecture and Musical themes. The drawings and paintings are based on what effect daylight has on the colours and structure of sand and slates, which are sleeved and fixed on paper or canvas. This technical part of my expression is an essential part of my work. Most of my works are in oil paint or a combination with acrylics, aquarelle and ink.”

Fresh pealed corkoaks - oil and sand on canvas - 120 x 100 cm

‘Fresh pealed corkoaks’ © Ben Helmink

Since 2006 Ben’s work has been exhibited in the Algarve, the Alentejo and Lisbon. In the Algarve he has held exhibitions in São Brás de Alportel, Ayamonte, Albufeira, Almancil, Loulé, Lagos and Monchique. In the Alentejo he has held exhibitions in Santana da Serra, Santa Clara a Velha and Ourique.

Until March 2018 he is exhibiting in the renovated Pousada, now called the Santa Clara Country Hotel near the dam of the Santa Clara Lake. Exhibited are works of the Alentejo “O Nosso Alentejo “ , “The Ancient World “ and “Saido”.

In March 2018 he will exhibit together with the Portuguese artist Caetano Ramalho in the Galeria Museu de Trajo, São Brás de Alportel,  and in September 2018 in the Galeria Municipal of São Brás de Alportel.

Stoneoak with eagle near the Santa Clara Lake - oil and sand on canvas - 140 x 120 cm

‘Stoneoak with eagle near the Santa Clara Lake’ © Ben Helmink

His work is for sale through his exhibitions, or contact him direct for prices and more information.

Ben provides workshops in painting and drawing for beginners and more advanced painters during the Spring, Summer and Autumn. These are held in his studio and the  neighbourhood of Monte das Moradias with a maximum of  7 participants per workshop. More information can be found on his website.

Contact Information



Phone: (+351) 96 604 3756

Twitter: artemoradias

You can view more of his work via his gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.

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