Betty Anne (BAM) Mörelius

Medium: Acrylics/Oil on canvas

Betty Anne Mörelius is a rewarded Swedish Artist living in Algarve since 2017. She previously worked in Stockholm in the prestigious studio association G-Studion Gustavsberg. BAM is educated by University of Art Craft and Design in Stockholm since 1986. 2012-2014 BAM educate at the master’s level.

BAMs Art is about human rights and entrenched in people’s equal value. The red shoes have become a hallmark in BAMs work and they stand for the free word and the right to be the one you want. The art depicts strong women and women’s struggle. In recent years, in Sweden, BAM worked with the art project SUBSURFACE on a project on sustainability. It was an appreciated Art Project that was Exhibited at a number of state Art Galleries and Museums in Sweden for several years. The Art project contained installations, photography and paintings. BAM is a member of The Swedish association for Swedish Artist KRO (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation) and The association for Swedish female Artists FsK (Föreningen Svenska Konstnärinnor).

BAM has exhibited all over Sweden and also participated in exhibitions in Pisa and Bologna in Italy as well as Athens and Patras in Greece. Since 2018 Betty Anne Mörelius, runs the BAM Art Gallery for contemporary Art in Albufeira. The Art Gallery has a permanent exhibition and shows Contemporary fine art from established artists from all over the world. The Gallery is open May to October.

Mrs. Algarve (oil on canvas 90x130)

‘Mrs. Algarve’ (oil on canvas 90×130) © BAM

Since I moved to Algarve, my new life and the bright light has influenced the colors in my paintings – as have the motives. The wind, the oranges, the lemones and the fish are new. I paint what I feel and experience in life because – I am a true artist. I create what needs to be created and paint what needs to be painted. I am a visual artist. I choose expressions depending on what I want to tell you about.

I photograph, build installations, draw – but I love painting. The women in my paintings are a visualization of human being. The women have contact with the divine. And often they succeed with the impossible. The paintings I see as tribute to the ladies who take care of our wild cats – Caring for the family and for our nature. For life on and on. The red shoes stand for the free word to speak.

Balance (oil on canvas 90x70)

‘Balance’ (oil on canvas 90×70) © BAM

The Artist is available for private commissions in Albufeira where her work can be viewed by appointment in the B.A.M. Art Gallery, Rua Do Tenis 13 Albufeira Old Town.

B.A.M. Art Gallery is open wednesday-friday 3pm-5pm, Saturday 1pm-3pm. May to October. Her work can also be viewed through her website (see link below).

My Huntingteam, (oil on canvas 100x80)

‘My Huntingteam’ (oil on canvas 100×80) © BAM

Do you want to get invitations to the BAM Art Gallery’s Vernissage and Mingle – follow the facebook page, or send your email address to

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Facebook: BAM Art Gallery Albufeira

Instagram: BamArtGallery

Hashtag: #BAMofSWEDEN

You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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