Art Sauvage

Medium: I mainly work with oil on canvas and mixed media. I also make sculptures (torsos) with plaster/metal/oil paint. I also make stone art (dot art as well as fine art) and wood art (oil paint) and murals.

“I am a free-spirited, self-taught Dutch artist/designer currently residing in the Algarve, Portugal.

I have always loved to draw and my dream from a very young age was to become an architect and interior designer. I could sit down for hours and hours just drawing and sketching. Having several artistic family members, I guess it’s fair to say that creativity runs through my blood. In my teens I attended art school however unfortunately due to personal circumstances I had to drop out of school. I took a different path in life and I set my paint brushes, pencils and charcoal aside. However my love for art and architecture never died! Getting started again was quite intimidating but in 2016 my eldest son encouraged me to pick up my paintbrush and graphite pencil and just go for it! So that’s what I did…


‘Unchain your heart’ © Art Sauvage

My eldest son tragically and very suddenly passed away 9 months ago… now more than ever do I feel motivated and I ‘owe’ it to him to continue with art.


‘Colors and Patterns’ © Art Sauvage

My themes are, as life itself, a delicate tapestry of pre and postmodern conventionality, enabling me to express my passions in unconventional ways. My primary work is oil on canvas, though I also love working and experimenting with different materials.

I draw my inspiration from life, nature, culture, architecture, people, music and other artists. To me, art is about observation, interacting with life and capturing its raw moments.”

My motto is: Art is the courage to transcend, therefore art is life as life is art.


‘David Bowie II’ © Art Sauvage

Her artwork is available for sale through her website, as well as via online galleries such as: Saatchi Art, and Art Majeur.

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Phone: (+351) 92 550 1900

Facebook Page: myartsauvage

Twitter: MyArtSauvage

Instagram: myartsauvage    


You can view more of her work via her gallery here. Click on any of the images to start the slideshow.


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