Aileen Friis-Jorgensen

Medium: Botanical Art in Coloured Pencil and Watercolour

“I was a Biology teacher for over 35 years, always interested in Art. I resigned my permanent job to study Art. I studied Botanical Art at Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh, and was involved in establishing the Scottish Society of Botanical Artists (SSBA) in 2015.

I am currently a Director, and Membership Secretary, of the SSBA. I am also a member of the Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh.


‘Hellebore species in coloured pencil’ © Aileen Friis-Jorgensen

I spend winters in the Algarve with my son and his family. In Scotland, I am involved in Art exhibitions and occasional Craft Fairs, selling my cards and hand-painted silk scarves.

I attend classes in Botanical Art, tutored by Fiona Strickland and Robert McNeill (‘McNeill Botanicals’). I have taught a beginners watercolour class and given talks to interested groups.

watercolour painting of Nerine bowdenii, or Jersey Lily

‘Watercolour painting of Nerine bowdenii, or Jersey Lily’ © Aileen Friis-Jorgensen

I would classify my art as Realist work with details. I specialise in Botanical work with the intention of producing 3-dimensional paintings. Some of my subjects suit coloured pencil rather than watercolour; and I always work with transparent colours, working on HP pressed paper.”

Iris 'Umi-Kazi'

‘Iris ‘Umi-Kazi’ ‘ © Aileen Friis-Jorgensen

Aileen’s work is available for sale – please contact her direct vie e-mail. She is possibly open to commissions.

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Facebook Page: Scottish Society of Botanical Artists




‘Dyckia species in watercolour’ © Aileen Friis-Jorgensen

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