The Algarve is home to a diverse and fabulous range of artists, working across all media from acrylics, and oils, to water-colours, pastels and pens.

You will find the list of our artists summarised below – just click on a profile to find out more about each artist; and if you contact any of them, please let them know you found them through this Algarve Art website.

Alexandra Speiser

Alexandra’s work is inspired by the stunning light, magnificent sunsets and incredible natural scenery and colours of southern Africa. Her work is available for sale and displayed in her shared atelier gallery in Portimão.

Alex Buck

Retired architect Alex is drawn to painting the substance and beauty of old local Portuguese buildings in desperate need of renovation.

Alyson Sheldrake

Alyson is a self taught artist, who specialises in painting a wide range of modern style landscapes, seascapes and familiar objects within her self-titled ‘New Wave’ Collection. She is also available for commissions and Pet and House Portraits.

Ana Nobre

Ana graduated in Fine Arts at the Art and Design University of Caldas da Rainha. Her work is an expression of her feelings and emotions. She also teaches art and her work is available for sale.

Ana Valentim

Ana addresses themes with strong colors and symbolic icons. Her paintings
essentially explore the human, psychological, political, ego and addictions.

Andrew Stephens

Andrew’s art is abstract, usually acrylic or gouache on canvas or board. Influenced by the abstract expressionists and colour field painting, his paintings have developed as an emotional and intellectual response to the landscape and surroundings.

Anke Punt Bach

Anke is an artist who’s driven by passion, seized by obsession, delighted by creation and enthralled with expression. She works with mixed materials.

Birgit Manberger

Birgit sees her painting as a controlled coincidence. She works partly with landscape motifs and interior images, where the light, colors and contrasts are important elements.

BJ Boulter

BJ devotes as much time as possible to painting. Most of her works are figurative; landscapes, people and wildlife sourced from her travels and safaris to her homeland Tanzania in East Africa and from her adoptive home, the Algarve.

Brian Oliver

Brian’s love is drawing as opposed to painting and he works exclusively in pencil and pen and ink. He draws local places of interest with a preference for subjects with a strong architectural content, which are drawn in great detail. Each picture takes around 40 hours to complete.

Caroline Wood

Caroline is inspired by the ever changing seascapes and the beautiful countryside that surrounds her home near Espiche. Painting mainly in oils she is available for private commissions.

Chris Freer

Chris paints in oils. ‘Fake or fortune? Who cares – if you want a nice picture on the wall it should be yours for the cost of materials and labour like any other product.’

Corine Thinon

Corine is a multifaceted, self-taught artist who focuses on transforming reality into a variety of colors and putting them on the canvas.

David M Trubshaw

David Trubshaw started painting again when he retired to the Algarve in 2004 and now paints in oils acrylics and pastels. He is inspired by trees and the local landscape, and also writes and illustrates Haiku poetry.

Dawn Poli

Dawn’s work is essentially abstract/abstract expressionism and surreal at times. She enjoys the spirituality of the art of Kandinsky and the fluidity of the colors in O’Keefe’s flowers. Her style, though, is from her heart.

Eliza Hafer

Light filled, mysterious images emerge from the abstract patterns that Eliza creates. Working in acrylics, she presents two different styles here for you.


Els enjoys painting on canvas, wood and ceramic. Her subject matter is diverse; with paintings denoting typical Portuguese scenes to exciting and vibrant abstracts.

Frans Bresser

There are many topics that inspire Frans: landscapes, the sea, but also people who dance, practice a sport or make music. He uses acrylic paints often with other materials combined. His work is available for sale.

Gabriella Makhult

Gabriella’s ink-watercolour paintings are inspired by nature. Her work heads towards an abstract direction; playing on the paper, the energy of the landscape creates movements, lines and surfaces.

Gill Goode

Gill is primarily a watercolour artist. Landscapes, Seascapes, Buildings, Flowers, Birds, and Animals are her main subjects, anything with light, shadow and reflections. Commissions welcome.

Guida Pereira

Guida is a self-taught artist who takes inspiration from her birthplace of Macau, making her abstract style an eclectic and exciting mixture of Chinese and Portuguese influences.

Gunther Hoser

Höser combines sound, art and computers to create his unique visual art in either oils or acrylics. His work is available for sale.

Jan Rowe

Jan’s preferred subjects are flowers.  She loves peonies and paints large-scale canvasses featuring these lovely, voluptuous blooms. Her work is exquisitely detailed with colourful flowers and backgrounds in perfect harmony.

Jean Davis

Jean is a self-taught artist, always having been involved with the flair of creative design. She uses a wide variety of mediums such as ink, acrylics, encaustic wax and shellac. She is available for commissions.


JL.M escapes through painting. His work is inspired by his observations, yet through his paintings he transcribes what he feels, instead of what he sees.

Jo Alice Braswell 

Jo Alice’s work is reflective and an attempt to have a spiritual experience. When painting, she gets in touch with a source that reflects her inner being.

Kasia Wrona

“My empathy with nature is the source for my art and every new experience inspires me into creative action.” Kasia is also a founder of the Marina de Lagos Art Academy where she teaches drawing.

Kate Podmore

Kate enjoys painting landscapes/ seascapes from drawings and photographs, either on block canvas board or canvas. She is available for a private painting commissions, and can also make you a personalised A3 greeting card from a photo.

Kay Maunder

Kay loves painting figures and although she is occasionally diverted to other subjects for a change she is always drawn back to figures, be they human or animal. Her paintings are available for purchase.

Leanne Byrom

Leanne’s art is inspired by the way it connects her with nature. The light, movement, sounds, colours and textures. Leanne has recently started teaching animal portraiture to private students, and she is available for commissions.

Lesley Goldie

Lesley is inspired by Abstract Expressionism, and explores themes such as the passage of time, and questions our assumptions and preconceptions or reflects on loss, conveying fleeting and intangible emotions. Her work is available for sale.

Lida van der Sar

Lida’s paintings are usually abstract and have great depth, often through the use of palette knives. They are built up in many layers, giving a weathered appearance.

Liz Allen

Liz’ paintings all start with a cartoon-like drawing. Color and patterns are important elements in her work.

Lotti Klink

Lotti’s paintings show geometric and playful shapes, rough structures, earthy natural and strong shades. Layer by layer she moves from creative chaos to exciting compositions, creating images with depth, space and density.

Malcolm Hyde

An Interior Designer by trade who loves Portuguese architecture and has a deft hand with pen and ink and watercolour. He is available for commissions.

Marc Thivierge

Marc creates his artwork using bright colours which are full of movement. The colours he uses reflect joy and light; utilising yellows and oranges, whites and light greens. At times a virtual rainbow. His work is for sale and he is available for commissions.

Mientje de Goeij-de Rooij

Mientje’s main inspiration is nature, which is expressed in vibrant and bold colours. Mientje likes to work with palette knives and paints intuitively. Her work is available for sale.

Miri ( Dina Navegas )

Miri was always fascinated by the sea and creative work takes up a large part of her life. She paints with acrylics not only on canvas but also on stone and wood.

Osmond K Mairs

Monchique-based artist who has exhibited widely in Europe and United States, many of his paintings can be found in Embassies, boardrooms of business enterprises , hospitals and private collections. His work is on show and available for sale through the Galeria Osmar.

Patricia Finch

Patricia’s pictures are inspired by the village of Praia da Luz. Locally known as ‘the lady that paints’, she got into art after following a seascape workshop.

Patrick George McClelland

Patrick‘s life has always had an artistic element. He paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and also sometimes draws and scribbles.

Penny Coombs

Penny’s paintings are a personal response to her experience of landscape. Her style is painterly, reflecting subtle changes in colour and light.

Rebecca Pereira

Rebecca’s work explores themes of identity and society in a personal and interpersonal context. Whilst her passion lies within painting, at times she also incorporates elements of photography, printmaking and sculpturing.

Rowan Marques

Rowan paints a bit of everything, but funky felines, quirky kitties and cool cats remain her subjects of choice. A fervent animal lover, she frequently donates her paintings for fundraising events.

Samantha van der Westhuizen/ Tintinter

Samantha loves using colour and the expression that comes with this. She finds daily inspiration in her surroundings and her work is an extension of her emotions.

Sandie Croft

Sandie’s watercolour paintings are a reflection of life in and around the Algarve and she also has a keen interest in portraiture and is available for commission work for portraits of people or pets in watercolour.

Sara Wooldridge

Sara enjoys painting in oils and prefers painting animals or portraits. She is not a full-time painter – it is mainly just an enjoyable hobby – and she has painted pictures of pets for friends when requested. She is available for commissions.

Shelley Foley

Shelley works in acrylics to create mainly abstract art and collages, and also creates hand-painted jewellery. Some of her artwork makes a political statement, others just celebrate the beauty of Portugal.

Stefan Gadnell

Stefan is a watercolor artists who also holds workshops. He tries to simplify as much as possible in his paintings. His watercolors are light and airy which allows you to see every brush stroke.

Sue Findley

Sue has experimented with a diverse range of styles and media and has been very influenced by her time and travels in Asia and her graphic design background. Her work is continually evolving and is available for sale.

Tanya Lundmark

Tanya has a fascination for watercolour as painting medium, finding it a unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusions and emotions using water-soluble pigments. Each painting for her is an exciting adventure.

Teodor Isfan

Teodor works as both a sculptor and a painter. When it comes to his work, he suggests leaving ‘understanding’ at the door and enter.

Toni Dade

Toni focuses on detailed Botanical studies in watercolour, a sensitive medium that she finds ideal for delicate, descriptive studies. She teaches weekly classes in Botanical Art for beginners and is available for commissions.

Uschi Kuhn

Touching, feeling, caring, humour and colour are the foundation stones from which Uschi creates her art. Her fields of work are limitless as she is not bound by any single artistic medium; clay, water colour, body-art, ferrous-cement, papier-mâché, glass, sculpting, painting, are all equal tools in her hands.

Valentino Szemere

Valentino works mainly in traditional media, with plein-air sketches and watercolors, while pursuing personal experiments in Digital Art.

Yamuna Alfambras

Yamuna Alfambras is inspired by the abstract expressionists. She loves the complete freedom of expression and is guided by intuition.