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“Once upon a time there was an English girl who travelled to San Francisco where she fell in love with an American boy, Mondo. They decided to walk through their journey of love together…

In a warehouse downtown covered with art sculptures that Mondo had created, they decided to move to London where they grew as a family and then sold some more sculptures and worked hard towards their dream. The dream continued and finally they found the perfect spot to help the World be creative with them.


We are now inviting you to join us at Casa De Mondo, (The House of the World) where together we can paint, write, sing, cook, ride horses and dance in the rain at any festival we choose to celebrate. We believe that the World has gone a little crazy and we want to create a place for likeminded souls to come and celebrate life, love and art. We offer cooking, painting, creative writing, singing, riding and culture holidays beyond the ordinary, through which you can enter the heart and soul of Casa De Mondo.

The day is structured in a way, so that you will be relaxed and full of love to make you feel like you are in a World of creativity. We do have an itinerary for each course; but we like to believe that anything in life can happen and having too much control can avoid that wildness of spontaneity. No part of the holiday is compulsory. We believe in The Wildness of Life and the flow of passion for Life.


Our first course is Cooking on Monday November 5th 2018 – see below…

Example of a day at our Cooking Course:

Day One
After breakfast, we will meet our world-renowned chef Jonathan Stephen James Cloake; and he will then lead us on an excursion of visiting the local market, whereby we will spend approximately two hours being educated on local products and how to choose the perfect fruits and vegetables followed by tasting, smelling and enjoying all the local produce. Then we will have a light snack in Loulé at a local café, tasting traditional Portuguese pastries and drinking coffee. After this, we will go onto a local organic farm to purchase some ingredients for our cooking experiences. In the evening we will all share an evening meal together in Casa De Mondo and get to know each other over good food and local wines.


When you stay with us you become part of our family. We welcome you to Casa De Mondo with open arms and dedicate our time to you for your entire stay. Whether that be changing your room to a new look, serving food and drink throughout the day or just having a chat about life, we will be right here making sure everything is perfect and relaxed.”

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Phone: (+351) 289147287

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